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vintage chicago engagement photographer

Kat and Josh welcomed me into their gorgeous little home in the Logan Square area this week to take a few photos with their adorable cat, Kitty. It was important to them that Kitty was included in their engagement photos, but since they’ve been fighting cancer with her for a year now, we decided not to wait for the session we have scheduled in May. It was a lovely way to spend a rainy afternoon, and as so often happens, the best photos came when we stopped to talk a bit, thinking we had taken all the photos we needed already. Kat and Josh, you have such a beautiful little family. I’m so excited for our session in May!

chicago engagement photosartistic chicago wedding photographer


Christine - What sweet pictures with their kitty! You can really feel all the love!

anni cee photographie « Tenacious Dee - [...] photos by the lovely anni [...]

Johanna - I really love these. Brought tears to my eyes. I need to hug my cat right now <3

Avery Cox - This is excellent! Great shots… so glad I stumbled across your blog today, ill definitely be back!

melissa blake - I love the coziness to these photos!! So sweet and cute!

gee - way to go !!!!

Rhianonn - What an adorable couple :) So sweet and cozy, as one commenter noted above!

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Inspiration: What to Wear for Engagement & Couple’s Sessions

Hello, everyone! I apologize for my winter hibernation of sorts. Between finishing lots of editing for current clients, making big plans for the future of Anni Cee Photographie, celebrating the holidays with family, and moving into a new studio in the Fulton Market area of the West Loop, I’ve scarcely had any internet presence. (It’s been kind of a nice break, but I’ve missed you all!)

But since booking season is taking off and I’ve been getting a lot of questions about planning for engagement sessions, I thought I’d start a little series of posts with the little tricks and tips I’ve picked up to simplify things. Because, of course,  you should feel absolutely gorgeous in your photos and with a little planning, you can channel your inner Joan Holloway.

logan square engagement photos

The question I get asked most is what to wear — what looks good on camera? Should we match? Do I have to dress up?

The answer, really, is — it depends.

My favorite source for inspiration is Pinterest. If you’re not signed up, I highly recommend it (leave a comment if you’d like an invite, they’re necessary to join.) I use Pinterest for a little bit of everything, from our personal home decorating plans, to photos I love and recipes I plan to try. But the best part of it is how helpful it is for exchanging ideas with clients — especially if (like me) you’re a visual person. I often create boards for specific clients, where we can both post inspiration for locations, outfits, styling, etc.

This board is my newest addition, and it has all sorts of outfit inspiration and recommendations. I usually tack on little notes if there’s a particular detail of the outfit I love — if there’s nothing there, it probably means I love the whole thing and wish I could steal it for myself.

In general, my number one go-to tip for photos is to dress like you would for one of your favorite dates. A little nicer than your everyday, but not so stiff that you don’t look like yourself. Don’t be afraid to wear bright colors, prints, and something different from what your partner plans to wear. Bright or big accessories like earrings, statement necklaces, or an armful of bracelets pop well on camera.

If you’re looking for some shopping recommendations for a good outfit, these are the places that I frequent most often:

Roslyn, a well-curated boutique in Bucktown featuring the much-loved Chicago designer Elise Bergman.

Madewell, J. Crew‘s slightly funkier little sister.

Zara, which is great for guys, too.

and Eskell, which is also exclusive to Chicago and features the local line of some very talented designers as well as a selection of vintage pieces.

Happy shopping, and I hope you’ll keep up with me on Pinterest — and check back for some of my favorite locations for shoots!

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Tabitha - I think this is a great idea Anni! It seems to be the number two question about engagement shoots (after, should we do one?) In fact, I recently made a whole set of boards for a photographer friend to help her clients out! It was super fun, and I hope, helpful. Can’t wait to check out your pins and see what advice we have in common!


Hooray for handwritten + penpals! So excited! And yes, I’d love help with the flickr aspect!

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Jess + Kevin, Part Deux | Washington DC

washington dc engagement photographyvintage wedding photographer Washingtonjessica and kevin kaloramadupont circle couples sessionwashingtondcphotographercontax645 portra 800


Most of these were shot with my Contax 645 + Portra 800.

Jessica and Kevin, thanks for being your awesome selves!


Jessica - You were MEANT to shoot with this camera. They are all fabulous and I only have you to thank!! :)
Love youuu, come back?

Christine - Wow!!!!! She looks SO beautiful in the pics. I love your pics and I can see why you’re contemplating avoiding digital. The old school film style looks so amazing.

Maria - ::sweet sigh:: They’re a handsome pair and you’re a talented photographer, therefore these pics are great :D

Layla - Anni….my gosh. I don’t have the words. You’ve outdone yourself, darling. The lighting is ethereal, Jess is the most beautiful model I’ve ever seen, and this is just pure magic. I love you both so much!

Kira - Stop being so beautiful!!!

Sarah - Lovely photos! I love how you captured her blue eyes – they’re amazing. For some reason, I’ve always adored photos outside cafes. Really nicely taken!

Hope you’ve been having a great week so far! x

Fotograf ślubny Lublin - Simply beautiful!!!

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Heather + Tom | Lake Engagement

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

modern chicago engagement photographer

I want to write something big and exciting for this post — both for Heather and Tom, who most certainly deserve it, and because with this post I’m unveiling a new logo and feel to my site from the amazingly talented Margot at Pitch Design Union. And yet, when I try to put pen to paper I find myself a bit lost for words.

So for now, I’ll stick to the important stuff: Heather and Tom are very much in love. They’re getting married in Texas this March, where Heather’s wonderfully large family lives. We spent part of a blustery, chilly Sunday afternoon together walking along the lakeshore path and by the harbor. It’s achingly beautiful on the shores of Lake Michigan, and the absence of the summer crowds plus the wintery haze somehow added to the magic of it. The waves were swelling so high that they crashed within a few feet of where Heather and Tom were standing.

What a fitting session for new beginnings – we’re almost to a new year, my first full year doing this. What a crazy wonderful experience it’s been.

vintagechicagoengagementlake engagement photographerlakeview chicago engagementvintage chicago wedding photographervintage engagement photographerfoggy chicago engagementromantic chicago engagement photographer

(Song is Calgary by Bon Iver.)


Layla - Gorgeous photos, Anni! You can definitely tell these two love each other very much, and winter haze makes for some stunning photos. Congrats on the new look!!!! Margot did an amazing job, as well. :)

LatteLove - What a great shoot with some fabulous people! I LOVE the last two photos especially. So sweet and calm and happy.

Christine - What beautiful pictures!!! It just shows how you don’t have to have the sun to have an amazing photo shoot! I love the new website layout.

Chanel - Love your redesign. So sleek and pretty! Great shoot here…overcast days can be wonderful. :)

Jessica T - The new logo looks amazing!
And how in the world do you manage to capture such amazing portraits on such an overcast day? TALENT my love. You has it.

Sarah - These are really lovely! Heather and Tom look amazing. :) It must have been freezing cold! And like Jessica, how did you capture such amazing photos on such a cloudy day? They look really good!

And love the blog redesign + logo. Really awesome!

Also, just wanting to wish you a very blessed Christmas, Anni! x

Nessa K - Fog has never looked quite so romantic. :)

Ieva - beautiful

eva burns - Love these photos. Most photographers would be intimidated by a blustery dark day, but you totally embraced it and it worked beautifully!

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