Creative photography skills at their best by an EP photographer


There are some places you have to take a long drive to take the perfect shot.

There are a lot of local photographers who have incredible skills behind a camera. Plus, sometimes they even put their lives on the line for an amazing shot.

Usually amazing shots will require either being on the edge of a cliff or hitting in the middle of a road. Obviously, great care is always taken in photo shoots involving sites like these.

Some avid photographers like to risk taking the perfect shot.

You would be surprised to see what creative photographers come up with in some places. For example, who knew that taking the road less traveled would make an amazing photo.

Local photographer Veronica Luna shared a photo she took on a road trip.

Véronique Moon told me she took this photo on route 180 before she got to the Guadalupe Mountains. The image looks so vibrant because of how well all the colors blend together. But at first glance, the road really seems to have a lot of travelers.

Besides, I don’t think I need to emphasize the creativity of Veronica Luna for this photo. It definitely managed to line up perfectly with the yellow road markings.

This photograph is proof of creative photography at its finest. Whether you have yellow shorts, don’t try to duplicate this photo. Photographers go the extra mile to capture the perfect moment.

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