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Best Anti Snoring Mouthpieces

snoring mouth

How does snoring occur?

Snoring is the sound of turbulence and resistance in the back of throat. Although nasal issue can cause snoring for some people, the blockage of the airway in the throat and oropharynx is the major cause for snoring.

During sleep, soft tissue and muscles in the throat tend to relax and vibrate causing the snoring.

The most effective way to stop snoring is using a mouthpiece for snoring. Stop-snoring mouthpieces are typically cheaper than other treatment for snoring.

The definition of Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea is a breathing disorder during sleep, when breathing pauses repetitively and the pause interval is longer than 10s. People suffering from sleep apnea have low blood-oxygen levels at night and feel sleepy in daytime. Snoring is often related to Sleep Apnea although they are not the same thing.

How does mouthpiece for snoring work?

mouthpiece for snoring

When the airway in the throat becomes narrow, the soft tissues in the back of throat vibrate with the air and cause the snoring. Mouthpieces for snoring bring the tongue or the lower jaw forwards to widen the airway in the throat, thus stop the snoring.

Mouthpieces for snoring can be classified into two types: MAD(Mandibular Advancing Devices) and TSD(Tongue Stabilizing Devices). TSD mouthpieces suck the tongue forward and hold it in place, thus open space for the airway in the back of throat. The software issues that can vibrate are reduced and the snoring is eliminated. MAD mouthpieces pull the lower jaw forwads, open up the airway in the throat, and eliminate the snoring.

Choosing a MAD mouthpiece or a TSD mouthpiece depends on several factors. First, you should feel comfortable wearing it. Second, if you have dentures or TMJ problem, you'd better use a TSD mouthpiece. People may feel teech discomfort or teeth shifting wearing a MAD mouthpiece, while people wearing a TSD mouthpiece may feel sore in the front of the tongue.

Jenn + Andrew | Chicago Lake Shore Engagement

rustic winter engagement

Jenn, Andrew and I met over coffee in a tiny shop in Lincoln Square just before the holidays, where we bonded over a shared love of adventure, the outdoors, and our dogs. They braved the cold and we spent a fun (but chilly!) afternoon on the shore of Lake Michigan to take their engagement photos. Today also happens to be Jenn’s birthday, so here’s to a wonderful day, Jenn! I’m so excited for the chance to get to know these two and be a part of their wedding.

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Dale Lempa - Cute couple, awesome scenery. Wonderful engagement photography. Very fresh and clean, yet subtle and elegant. Nice work.

Pati - Wow, gorgeous photos!!! What a great idea to bring the dog into the photoshoot :)

Rachel - SO beautiful. Excellent captures lady!


Pam Jacobs - You two look so cute! Beautiful pictures….almost as good as my own (tee hee)! Can’t believe my little ‘monchichi’ baby is all grown up and has found the love of his life! You are a perfect couple and your love shines in your eyes.

Aunt Geralyn - Your pictures are awesome:) Love the scenery it’s part of both of you. Photo of you both gazing into Lake Michigan–what wonderous experiences await you both. Yes, Brody is part of the engagement.

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San Francisco and down the coast | Travel

vintage san francisco wedding photographer

Twelve years ago, San Francisco was the city that made me fall in love with cities. Besides a few layovers in SFO, I hadn’t been back since.

When my husband and I decided to start our California adventure in San Francisco, I wasn’t sure how much I could trust my memory of the city. I was young the first time I visited, and my memories have since been jumbled up. We rented a lovely apartment in the Mission District and walked all over the city. We climbed the steps up to Bernal Heights Park, ate at diners and in fabulous Mexican restaurants (thanks, Lo, for recommending our favorites!), explored SoMa, the Tenderloin, and Powell Street, and combed through more fabulous vintage clothing stores than I can count.

I wasn’t able to get as many photos as I had hoped, because on our last day in the city the house across from ours caught fire and all access to our personal items in the apartment was cut off. Luckily everyone was okay, and I’m just using it as an excuse to come back sometime soon.

We drove down the coast, stopping along at the diners and parks of Big Sur, which is possibly the most breathtaking view I’ve seen, and spent the night in Santa Barbara. I wish we had taken more time there, because I could have explored for longer, but we packed up for Palm Springs the next morning and spent a few relaxing days at the Ace Hotel & Swim Club for their New Year’s Eve celebration. We climbed lots of rocks in the Joshua Tree National Park and then spent our last night in LA, exploring the streets of Silverlake.

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LatteLove - You guys are so California. Wish you’d just move here already! :-)

Dana McDowell - I love the tone of all your images. Looks like a dream vacation! I’ve only been to Cali once (and for a total of 24 hours probably!), but I feel the ocean calling me back. And all those glorious palm trees!

Chanel Jibal - Love your photos. One of my to-do things is to drive down the coast. Hope you enjoyed your New Year.

Kat - Aww.. I wish I knew you were in Santa Barbara, we’re only 30 minutes away. It would have been nice to meet you for coffee!

Maria - Thanks for sharing your vacation with us! Gorgeous!!

Cookie - Looks and sounds like you both had a great vacation in CA! We love CA too. Next time you should go to Alcatraz. I would love to see your photos from there if you ever visit it. Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing!!

Dale Lempa - Wonderful artwork. Your scenes complement your analog post processing style well.

Layla - Sounds and looks like it was a lovely time!

Ravyn - Oh my goodness … I love seeing this trip through your eyes!! I love how adventurous you two are. Come back to Portland sooooonn!!! :)

Sara - These pictures are gorgeous. I went to San Francisco when I was young too and I’m dying to go back. Sounds like you had a fabulous time!

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2012 | a year in review

michigan wedding photographer

It’s not quite over yet, but my wedding season is – as beautiful, crisp fall days slip into mitten and scarf weather, I’m blown away by how many fantastic people I’ve met, how many fabulous shindigs I’ve been a part of, and how many miles on the map I’ve logged. I’m so grateful not only to all my couples for being creative and soulful in making their weddings a reflection of who they are as a couple and for keeping in touch even as newlyweds, but also to their families for being so incredibly warm and welcoming, for always making sure I sat down to eat some food at receptions, for welcoming me into their homes, and for letting me be a part of so much love and laughter. Thank you to each and every person I’ve had the chance to work with this year – I had no idea I would get this lucky, and I’m so glad I’ve had the chance to know you.

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Betty Red Design - These photos are all just so beautiful. I especially love the very first one! Remarkable.

Ross - What a year! These are ll awesome pictures capturing some of the happiest moments. Well done ;)

Dale Lempa - Nice work; I wonder what 2013 will bring?

Kisty - Wow! These photos… Remarkable! I have no words. I hope one day, you’ll be my wedding photographer. <3

More blessings this 2013.

Sarah - Such lovely photos to look back on the past year.

Happy New Year, Anni! :) Hope that the new year will only bring you the best in everything. xx

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Sara, Ryan and Mac | Lifestyle on film

chicago film photographer

The other day, I was talking with an incredibly talented friend of mine. We got on the subject of writing, and how difficult it can be to transcribe everything that goes into our work, everything we find inspiring about the people we photograph, and what drives us, in a way that’s both poignant and honest. We talked about how easy it is to say that we’ll share the incredibleness of something, and then to just write a completely nondescript and unidentifiable post. My friend mentioned that he was envious of another photographer we both admire, because this other photographer always writes in such an achingly beautiful way, while he ends up inserting humor into a lot of what he writes.


The thing is, that’s who he is. He’s funny, and that doesn’t make it less poignant when he tells an incredibly touching story.


We don’t trust our own voices, even when we know we’re supposed to. We water ourselves down, because we think that’s what we’re supposed to do.


But stripping away our personalities doesn’t make us more like those we admire. It just makes us less like ourselves.

chicago lifestyle photographer

I spend a lot of time with self-doubt. I’m quick to write and photograph for others, to show off what I think I’m supposed to. What will get the most likes, or shares, or comments. Sometimes, when I find something incredibly beautiful and moving, it feels too different. I keep it all to myself because I’m afraid no one else will see the beauty. I hit publish on things that make me don’t move me, and worry about what makes me feel.


Hiding what’s different isn’t making me more like the people I admire. It’s just making me less like myself.


Inspiration can come from the world around us, from the people who impact our lives and the things that move us. It can come from sources big and small.


But creation, creation comes from inside of us. Creation is unchartered waters, and it’s all that we can genuinely offer of ourselves.

film wedding photographer chicago


Jessica - Beautiful post Anni. Beautifully written. Such a gorgeous family to photograph, Sara and her husband make adorable babies. ;)

jillian - beautifully said anni.

Dana McDowell - Oh Anni. I know exactly what you mean. It’s really easy to like or post certain things because we see everyone else doing it; but there is really a more secret self that we know we could be true to if we just had the courage! I’m really all about finding the true Dana things right now, and saying “nah” to all the rest. And even if others don’t agree, it’ll feel more right on the deep levels. As for creating, I struggle with the thoughts of my writing…”is it good enough? is it what people expect of me?” and those questions never do any good at all. Let it flow. Good luck =)

Candy - I usually breathe now before I pick up my camera and say to myself…shoot from my heart. I repeat that a few times and get to it.

It is the only thing that has kept me going.

I love, love, love the last frame shown here. They are all beautiful but those cheeks just melt me!! GREAT work.

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